Indeed God will not be dead!


In 2008 I started my university journey at Stellenbosch University, Western Cape South Africa. At first I was selected to do BA Drama-Theater Studies, but I had lost my peace and changed it to BA Language and Culture. This is a decision that I’m still uncertain about, because I have a strong creative persona.

I chose language and Culture because, I had no other option as I had to make a 5 second choice. Three years later I had to make another change due to income options. In our second semester (which in the southern hemisphere starts in July) I had to take four modules of philosophy. As a first year student I was bombarded with atheism and as in the movie “God’s not dead” we were demanded for the purpose of “logic in the class” sign that God is dead. Many of us looked around as I stared at my paper. Many of my class mates signed without thinking about it. It made sense….

A few refused stating that they are Christian and wouldn’t. They dropped out. I nervously looked around and wrote my name and signature, but didn’t state that God was dead. I said nothing. But, now I can say that my actions did indeed say everything. I didn’t grow up in a Christian household and compromise was the order of the day. I was introduced to Christ at a young age, but that day I sat on the fence…

The first step to repentance and reconciliation is to take a step and here is mine. I didn’t write on the note “God is dead”, but simply just signed my signature and handed in the paper without the required phrase… How cowardly of me! I watched the lecturer’s assistant take in all the papers. I remember that I wondered what he was going to do with it. -where are the papers now? I knew that I had done something wrong. There were American Christian students in class who explained to us that it is the norm in America, but they (Christian American students) were standing to get the matter addressed. There were more Americans in our class that day then any other time. I later found out that they were there from different faculties and other degrees, to support the South African Christians. One of the American students promised that she would pray for me, because I was ridden with guilt almost as soon as the teaching assistant took my paper. I am glad they did! One day when I visit America I hope that God will allow me to minister to an American because, I would be lost without their compassion, prayers and stand for us that they. When I saw the movie God’s not Dead  I cried because, it all came flooding back to me. I gave the movie to all my friends and family to watch and I was excited to send that sms that read “God is not dead”. I also posted onto the Facebook/Twitter pages of some actors I knew were christian as well as Kevin Sorbo’s (the actor who portrayed the character of the unbelieving professor).

I always spoke about the movie, but didn’t really get “the epiphany” to reach beyond my borders – which is what this blog is going to be about. I have recently seen the second movie and it had only now occurred to me that I had not taken enough action. I know I am here for more than this. I know I have been anointed to do something because, I can sense it. I am now choosing to explore that because, only once I do that will all the right things fall back into place. My choices lead to much chaos in in my spiritual life.I will use my twitter account to paste and share my blogs as I am certain that I’m not the only one who has woken up from my worldly slumber. I don’t care what people say or think or feel regarding my journey – I have nothing (my heart is not attached to earthly things) thus I have nothing to loose. What challenged me was the critical line in the movie which poses an eternity-like choice before all of us;

                                                          Who do YOU say I am? 


What I (secretly) believed in my heart -(without me knowing it) came through on the paper that I signed like a coward. I WAS LUKEWARM and compromised simply to keep the status quo. Recently I watched the testimony of Retha Mcpherson again and I decided to take up her challenge also by asking God to show me (from His point of view) what my heart truly look like. I also went one step further and asked God to reflect it to me through the mirror of eternally, with the mirror being Yeshua (Jesus). The shock waves are still coming as the still small voice now refuses to keep quiet. The next “question” from the movie “God’s not Dead 2” is what spurred me into action

                     “I would rather stand with God and be judged by the world than stand with the world and be judged by God”


As a first year student I was way way too chicken to stand up to my lecturer (before the entire multiverse as Jesus is Lord over all) like those four Christian students forced to de-registered for the class. I passed all four modules, but two I had to rewrite and the other two I skidded through (with logic) on my backside!!!! I Completely fell flat on my face – and I am glad that I did. This chicken has ditched her “hand-fed-corn”, “cosy chicken coop” and “CCTV” that keep the “wolves(atheists)”  out and decided to face the wild with the eagles. My transformation has not been easy and it seriously started in 2010 when the wheels of my life seriously came undone. I didn’t backslide,  I just found out how cruel the life of a chicken really is. And when your eyes open and you question things….. – well did you know chickens can be cannibals? God drove me out and I had to run for my life. The more I started reading the Bible, the Apocrypha  books, the Talmud and the Dead Sea Scrolls the more I could see the fraction in creation and Jesus mending us before the face of God. I encountered people on the internet such as Ken Hovind, Steven Quaile ect and my hunger for scripture and their meaning really increased. The hunger for God – and experiencing him – in this miserable mortal form increased daily and was greatly satisfied when in 2010 Hillsong Church became involved on our campus and held worship sessions on my University campus. To-day I am still hungry, not as much for knowledge, but because, I want to be in throne room of God in absolute captured awe.

So, to the first of many blog posts to come as I reflect on what the Holy Spirit teaches me, join me on my journey, comment and reflect with me – on His Holiness.



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